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Change Requires Action

Good and bad surround us. The Department of Energy and Environment is making progress toward a clean Anacostia River. The National Park Service is working with local organizations to make Anacostia Park more accessible and attractive to neighbors. On the flip side,...

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Why Advocacy Matters

Advocacy can be defined as any activity by an individual or group that aims to influence political, economic, social and institutional decisions. Another definition describes advocacy as the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending. Advocacy in all its forms...

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Join us for a DC Budget Process 101 Workshop

The Anacostia Park and Community Collaborative (APACC) is starting 2018 off with the educational event DC Budget Process 101 featuring Bridges Inc's own Susie Cambria. The workshop takes place Friday, January 5 from 10:30-Noon at THEARC, 1901 Mississippi Ave, SE. Join...

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DC Budget Process Map

Even though much of the budget development process at this stage takes place among government workers, the public can be involved. Here is the DC Budget Process Map — a great place for you to start to learn how you can participate! There are several important ways the...

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What is Advocacy?

Advocacy (ad·vo·ca·cy) - public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy: 1. Synonyms: support for, backing of, promotion of, championing of, argument for, push for Advocacy is an important tool for your nonprofit or organization to achieve its...

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How To Advocate for Your Child’s Education

As the summer comes to a close, gone are the summer cook-outs, block parties, family reunions and summer vacations and as fall ushers in, we now anticipate beautiful fall foliage and brisk cool days and nights.  For many of us, this is also a time when our children...

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