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We Develop Community Capacity Through Trainings

We work to identify and develop community leaders, facilitate active community participation in the development of a shared community vision, and encourage residents to advocate for community needs and priorities. Our work is focused on building the capacity of the community through trainings and shared leadership opportunities.

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Our Trainings

Community Leadership


Training strengthens the capacity of community leaders to organize local communities as active citizens in shaping and determining change in their communities. With a particular focus on disadvantaged and vulnerable communities, this training helps to shape their perspectives in the development of social, economic, and environmental policy while empowering and strengthening the communities’ voice.

Fundamentals of Advocacy


Trainings shares the nuts and bolts of advocacy in this information-packed session. Attendees will learn about the fundamentals: building and maintaining government and community relationships, identifying and effectively communicating community needs and concerns, and becoming a key player in shaping the District’s policy making.

Outreach & Engagement


Training focuses on how to reach your hard to reach clients: get the 411 on effective outreach and engagement. Outreach vs. Engagement and what’s the difference. Participants will leave with important crowd-sourced information about outreach venues, virtual and IRL (in real life).

Fundamentals of Communication


Training focuses on effective communications including the timing of information sharing, identifying your audience, flyer design, and tips and tricks to effectively delivering your message.

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