Advocacy (ad·vo·ca·cy) – public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy:

1. Synonyms: support for, backing of, promotion of, championing of, argument for, push for

Advocacy is an important tool for your nonprofit or organization to achieve its mission.  It can take many forms—public education, mobilizing and even lobbying.   We advocate to usher in change and this change can be targeted to government policies, laws, and procedures and even systems change.  Advocacy is all about motivating and mobilizing a community to pursue change.  Advocating for a cause can help your organization achieve its political goals while drawing attention to an important issue and directing decision-makers to a desired solution. 

Advocacy can be divided into three types of activities, including:

Representation: to speak up for one’s self or another targeted community

Mobilization: to encourage others to speak in public with you

Empowerment: to let others know they have the right to speak in public and have the right to be heard

BUILDING BRIDGES TO SUCCESS is here to help you develop and implement an advocacy strategy that connects you with the right people and the right opportunities! 

Our primary objective is to assist vulnerable communities navigate complex systems that are often bureaucratic, unsupportive, or unresponsive to their needs. We view ourselves as catalyst to change, seeking to transform and improve these very systems that serve our most vulnerable residents through a capacity building lens.

We work to equip individuals with the skills, knowledge, training, and access to information and resources that enables them to perform effectively while partnering with organizations and institutions to enhance and improve management structures, processes, and procedures that help to cultivate better relationships with the communities which they serve. This includes advocating for legal and regulatory changes that enable organizations and institutions to enhance their capacities.

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