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We offer services in three core areas with tried and true techniques to develop your community.

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Community Outreach and Engagement


We employ a broad spectrum of community engagement techniques to engage with residents and stakeholders. Some are designed specifically to share information or elicit views and opinions, while others aim to effectively involve the community in government planning, decision-making, service delivery, and evaluation.

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building


We work to identify and develop community leaders, facilitate active community participation in the development of a shared community vision, and encourage residents’ to advocate for community needs and priorities. Our work is focused on building the capacity of the community through trainings and shared leadership opportunities.

Economic and Business Development


We believe that businesses and communities work best when they work together. Focusing on economic and business development in these disadvantaged and vulnerable communities provides and maintains a productive linkage between business and community interests in commercial corridors. We work collaboratively to achieve results beneficial to residents.

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