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Crime & Poverty

Recent local incidents have sparked much needed discussions on crime and criminal activity in Ward 7. Conversation has focused on its sources and a need for a community level response to this ward wide epidemic.   The Idea of Crime and Violence As Epidemic   Defined...

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As a youth, I remember those words of Bob Marley resounding in my ear: Get up, stand up for your rights, get up, stand up don’t give up the fight…And a continuous fight it can be for power concedes nothing without a demand! January through March presents an...

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Listen to Latisha Atkins on WDJY 99.1fm 

Listen to Latisha Atkins, our Creative Director, on WDJY 99.1fm being interviewed by Talitha Batts, host of Success Outside The Box. Facebook Twitter Instagram 1 (888) 542-6566 1-888-542-6566 Facebook...

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Change Requires Action

Good and bad surround us. The Department of Energy and Environment is making progress toward a clean Anacostia River. The National Park Service is working with local organizations to make Anacostia Park more accessible and attractive to neighbors. On the flip side,...

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